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News Release: Branch Opens in Osage City, KS


75-year-old Topeka company opens first-ever branch office in nearby town Osage City, Kansas — Kirk & Cobb, Inc., Realtors enjoys a long-established history in Topeka, Kansas. Kirk & Cobb has proudly served as Topeka’s oldest locally-owned residential real estate firm since 1947. As the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, we are delighted to announce the grand opening of our firm’s first branch office. The new branch is located at 535 Market St in Osage City. Melissa Herdman is the supervising branch broker. There will be a grand opening celebration at the new location on August 27, 2022 from 11am to 2pm. We invite the public and all of our cherished customers from over the years to join us in celebrating this milestone with us.

This new endeavor is Herdman’s brainchild. As a lifelong resident of Osage County, she saw the opportunity for Kirk & Cobb to expand into Osage City. “We’ve never really considered opening a second location since we’ve been successfully serving the surrounding counties out of our Topeka office for so long,” said Steve Kirk, president of Kirk & Cobb. “But Melissa, who is one of Osage County’s top-producing REALTORS , was hearing feedback from locals saying they wished she had an office presence there.” This made a great deal of sense to Herdman so she began to look for a solution. “I began to get really excited about this possibility the more Melissa and I talked about it,” Kirk said. He has some familial roots in Osage County so the idea of establishing a brand presence in Osage City made perfect sense to him.

Herdman’s solution to was to move into the old Schroeder Pharmacy space on the corner of Main Street and Market. Appreciative of the uniquely strong support that Osage residents provide to local businesses and their neighbors, it was very important to Herdman that the office lend itself to building connections. She has provided ample seating space that looks and feels like someone’s living room rather than a commercial office space. This allows and encourages passersby to come in for a visit and a cold drink. “People always want to know about the real estate market,” Herdman said. “And we genuinely care about people, regardless of whether they are customers or not,” Herdman said, “so we are happy to provide a place where we can just chat with locals or answer questions or simply ask how someone is doing.”

Jonnie Voiers of Kirk & Cobb is also thrilled to have an office in both Topeka and Osage City. Much like Herdman, she assists buyers and sellers in areas like Topeka in addition to the more southern areas like Lyndon, Osage City, and other southern towns and rural areas. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for all of our customers we have in Osage County and beyond,” said Voiers. “It’s a beautiful office and gives us a great place to meet locally with our customers to help service all their needs.”

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