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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a home. A home is an investment in every sense of the word. Whether it's the first time, or tenth, my goal is to make this as smooth of a process as possible, and have a little fun on the way. Finding your dream home doesn't have to be a daunting task; let me assist you as your buyer's agent in your search and make it enjoyable!
My duties include: Understanding your wants and needs through conversations (in person, on the phone, text, and/or email), searching for your dream home, touring together, and when we find the right one, I
make the closing process easy. I can show you any property that is for sale, it doesn't have to be my listing! 

I have experience working in a variety of markets and price points, can assist you if you're purchasing your first home or your tenth, maintain great relationships with lenders, have
excellent knowledge of the market and possibly the best part...Kirk and Cobb does not charge buyers a fee.

Most agents put real estate at the heart of their business. I’m different because that’s where I’ll put you.


Here are some FAQs. This is not an all-inclusive list, and if you have any questions at any part of the process: please ask! In fact, ask lots of questions!

Q:  "Why do I need to be pre-approved to look at houses?"
A:  Going to look at homes without a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender is like going to the grocery store without a wallet.  Having a pre-approval (especially from a local lender) increases your "buying power" in this competitive market. There are more buyers looking for homes than there are homes available in many areas. Finding a home, writing an offer, and including a pre-approval letter is almost always a must. Plus, going through the pre-approval process makes you aware of fees, estimated payments, and other expenses. That way, your search can be fine-tuned to a price range comfortable for you and your budget.

Q:  Is there a cost to me for your services?
A:  Kirk and Cobb does not charge a fee to buyers. I feel blessed to be with a brokerage that does not charge a buyer transaction fee.  Any brokerage fees that are collected for your purchase will be paid by the seller.

Q:  I saw a home on Zillow/Trulia/ in the yard.  What do I do?
A.  Call me. The beauty of getting to play matchmaker is that I want to see all of you "first dates" with homes. Working with only one realtor means that one person is guiding you through the process,taking notes during these "dates" and advising on "good matches,"  I can show any home, regardless of who the listing agent is.

Q:  Should I wait until Spring?
A:  Traditionally real estate focused on a spring market. There may be more available listings, but there are also more buyers. Lenders, inspectors, and appraisers are also busier. This can make the market more competitive. In 2016, my highest month was January, and in 2017, it was November.

Q:  I know you email me listings. When I am surfing the internet for homes, where is the best place to look?
A: has the most updated MLS information, covering the areas I serve. There is nothing more disappointing to find the "perfect" home, only to discover that it sold last week.

Q:  I am working with another agent, but I really want to see this house, and they aren't calling me back/out of town/can't show it to me until this evening.
A:  Regardless of how we are connected, referral, online, or telephone call, if you are already committed to another realtor, or plan to be, it is best to schedule your showings through them. This is why I ask at original contact. It won't hurt my feelings if you already are working with someone, and they aren't going to want to miss any of your matchmaking process.

Q:  How are some ways I can keep in contact with you?
A:  I am easy to reach!!  Here are just a few ways to find me
Telephone/text:  785-250-7020 (click to call!)
Facebook:  Melissa Herdman with Kirk and Cobb Realtors, Inc
Instagram:  @homeswithMelissa
Twitter:  @melissaherdman

Q:  You sold my sister a house.  Will you help me too?
A:  Absolutely!  Let's schedule a time and review your needs and timeline!

How much can I afford?

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