Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

"I don't meet standards, I set them."



One of the top sales leaders at my company every month. A little hard work, dedication, and knowledge of the business goes a long way.


You will not meet another realtor more committed to her job. It's really not even a job. It's a following. Just doing what I love.


Having lived in this area since 1970, I know the businesses, I know the schools, and I know the community. Changing lives one home at a time.

Pregnant Woman and Partner

My Promise

It starts with a property, but goes well beyond that by the time all is said and done. It's about relationships. The search. Fulfilling dreams. And providing the highest quality guidance and service within my abilities. That is my promise to you.

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Helen Crow. Those two words make you think, Topeka and/or real estate, not always in that order.

Long before I was in the real estate profession, I knew who Helen was. I had friends that raved about her, and when I would mention that I loved everything about real estate, and would talk about any aspect, I was told more than once, “you should talk to Helen Crow, she’d love to hear your thoughts.”

Fast forward sixteen years, and I joined the ranks at Kirk and Cobb. The first day of my training, the afternoon session was taught by Helen. I was immediately a raving fan. She was so helpful, so generous with her knowledge, and I soaked up every word.

Helen sat in her office the very first time I wrote an offer with a buyer. It gave me confidence knowing she was there. Over the years, she helped me figure out what to say, when to say it, and how best to phrase what I needed to say.

We came from similar backgrounds, and had already had “tough discussions” with people in our previous professions. We also share a similar mindset in the respect of what “full service” means, customer care, and maintaining long-term relationships. You don’t get rid of us at closing. Over the years, we formed a personal and professional bond.

Helen’s professional assistant, Sheree, has retired after working 30 years with Helen. Helen also has three beautiful grandchildren with whom she is wanting to spend more time.

As a result, we begin 2022 teamed up with Helen to work together and serve customers with the same level of service they have grown accustomed to. It is an honor and a privilege to begin this partnership. Helen will continue to give advice and dispense the wisdom that she has shared with customers for nearly 50 years.

Lindsey Brown, my Professional Assistant, will continue to allow me to be in two places at once. She’s energetic, fun, and friendly. Many have already have met her, and adore her. If you haven’t yet, you’ll love her.

A sincere thank you to Helen and her customers for being so welcoming and accepting of me. Forever in debt to Sheree Smith for her patience in training, sharing, and setting the bar high.

As always, grateful to my family, friends, and customers for your confidence and faith in allowing me to be your trusted real estate resource. The past two years have been challenging and the cooperation I’ve experienced on all levels has been humbling.

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